The Procedure
SMART Facelift

The SMART Facelift™

The SMART Facelift™ is a significantly improved version of the threadlift facelift.   The original threadlift facelift has also been referred to as a Featherlift, Contour Lift, Silk Lift, and Aptos Lift.

A threadlift face lift is the least invasive type of surgical facelift available. And Dr. Summers' SMART Facelift™ modification is a true one hour facelift or Lunchtime Facelift.  Although other minimally invasive facelift techniques can be done in about an hour, they all are more invasive and involve an incision in front of the ear and removal of some skin - this incision and skin removal are not performed with a threadlift.  The other procedures are frequently referred to as mini-facelifts.  Variations on this include the "S-lift" (also offered by Dr. Summers as an alternative to the One-hour Facelift and Necklift for patients who require removal of some skin), and the Quicklift™ and Lifestyle Lift® procedures marketed by other companies not affiliated with Dr. Summers.  (Note: Lifestyle Lift® is a registered trademark of Lifestylift Holding, Inc.  Neither Dr. Summers nor Maryland Plastic Surgery are affiliated with Lifestyle Lift Holding, Inc.)

Dr. Summers helped develop the original one hour facelift and necklift procedure.  Dr. Summers even designed a unique helical curve for the threadlift sutures, which is used today. He has more experience with the threadlift facelift procedure than any other plastic surgeon in the region. The threadlift face lift and neck lift procedure was a featured story on WUSA-9 News.

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As the first plastic surgeon in the region to offer suture suspension lifts, and as one of the first surgeons in the United States to offer the threadlift facelift procedure, Dr. Summers provides each patient with the benefit of his extensive experience.

The threadlift facelift and necklift procedure utilizes a special suture (this is the same type of material used in surgery for over 30 years) that has been modified for this purpose. The "threads" are permanent - they are not absorbed by the body.  In 1998, Dr. Summers wrote a paper which was published in the prestigious Journal of Plastic Surgery discussing the biomechanics of a suture suspension lift (the facial "sling").   Since that time, Dr. Summers has seen results lasting over 5 years.  In the event there is recurrence of facial laxity, it is possible to insert a new thread to restore the desired result.  The threadlift facelift procedure takes about one hour to perform under a local anesthesia.

In addition to the threadlift facelift and necklift procedure, there are a number of non-invasive and minimally invasive face lift and neck lift procedures available that may restore your appearance without resorting to a full facelift. The ultimate in non-surgical procedures is "Non-Surgical Skin Tightening" (NSST) using radio-frequency and fractional laser procedures combined with a threadlift facelift.  These ancillary procedures can further tighten the face and neck skin and eliminate many of the fine lines and crepe skin which would otherwise still be present even after a traditional facelift.