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One Hour Facelift in Baltimore, Maryland...

The lunchtime facelift is now a reality!  To address the needs of people with a busy lifestyle, facelift procedures can now be completed in just one hour.  Dr. Adam Summers (one of the nation's leading experts in minimally invasive face lift & neck lift procedures) has developed the SMART Facelift (Skin, Muscle and Adipose Reduced Tension Facelift)The SMART Facelift is the first long-lasting one hour face lift procedure and incorporates the best features of other face lift and neck lift procedures.

Dr. Summers performs the SMART Facelift and necklift in the comfort and luxury of the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center (minutes from Baltimore, Annapolis, Ellicott City, Towson, Columbia and Washington, DC).  And, with little to no downtime, the SMART Facelift may be the perfect fit for your busy lifestyle!


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About The Threadlift Facelift & Necklift:

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The SMART Facelift and necklift enables patients to return to normal social activities within days!  After this one hour facelift and necklift procedure, patients typically have no visible incisions or significant bruising or swelling.  This is a significant improvement over other facelift and necklift techniques (such as the Quicklift and Lifestyle Facelift procedures) which can result in permanently visible scars and weeks (or months) of swelling and bruising. 

Many of the facelift and necklift procedures offered by other physicians have advantages.  For example, the Contour Lift Facelift uses a small incision hidden in the hairline. The MACS Lift provides the security of placing sutures in the deeper facial layers.  And the Quicklift and Lifestyle Facelift procedures are typically completed in about an hour.

Dr. Summers' one hour facelift and necklift procedure combines the best features of these other procedures (a hidden incision  like the Contour Lift Facelift, the security of the MACS deep suture placement, and  the short surgical time of the Quicklift and Lifestyle Lift®).  More importantly, the SMART Facelifthelps prevent troublesome issues experienced with other procedures (pain, visible scars, gathering of skin, hair loss, skin folds, nerve damage, bleeding, etc.).

Unlike other minimally invasive facelift procedures, Dr. Summers' SMART Facelift is the only minimally invasive facelift procedure proven to have long-lasting results.  And, as the only regional surgeon to have performed suture suspension facelift and necklift procedures for over 10 years, Dr. Summers has pioneered modifications in the techniques to provide longer lasting results than other previously described procedures. To achieve long-lasting results, Dr. Summers developed the use of a multi-layer approach for suture placement. Also, Dr. Summers was among the first to publish a method for securing suspension sutures enabling long-term suspension of both the skin and the deeper tissues.


About The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center:

The Maryland Plastic Surgery Center is home to Maryland's first One Hour Facelift Center of Excellence.  The Center is dedicated to providing the most advanced tools and techniques to help you achieve natural facial rejuvenation with minimal downtime.  The Center is a national study site for several technologies, including the threadlift procedure, and is located just 15 minutes from Annapolis, Baltimore, and Columbia.  Regional patients (as close as Ellicott City, Towson and Bethesda, MD and Washington, DC and as far as Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia) regularly visit the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center to benefit from the consistently natural results that are obtained with Dr. Summers' One Hour Threadlift Facelift.


About Dr. Summers:

Dr. Summers has been performing suture suspension face lift and neck lift procedures since 1996.  As one of the originators of this face lift technique, he has published papers on face lifts and neck lifts, presented techniques at national meetings and performed clinical investigations.  Dr. Summers has instructed other surgeons on the One Hour Threadlift Facelift and Necklift technique and he is available to perform corrective procedures for patients who are not satisfied with results they have obtained elsewhere.

To learn how Dr. Summers will perform your facelift and necklift, review the resources found here, on My Threadlift.  Please call us (410-553-9444) or send us an e-mail with any questions, comments, or concerns that you might have. And, to learn about all of your options for facial rejuvenation, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adam Summers at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center.

Adam N. Summers, M.D.




FACTS: After a Threadlift 1-Hour Facelift & Necklift, the results are immediate, there is typically no downtime, and the results are long-lasting.








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Note: Dr. Summers' One Hour Facelift does not require any incisions in front of the ear. In contrast, the Lifestyle lift requires permanent incisions and scars on the cheek. Neither Dr. Summers nor Maryland Plastic Surgery are affiliated with Lifestyle lift.