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Facelift and Necklift Photos

When the One-Hour Threadlift Facelift and Necklift procedure is expertly performed, results similar to a  traditional facelift are possible.  There are a number of different types of threadlift facelift techniques (see the "Types of Threadlifts" section) and it is important to know that long term results are more likely to be obtained with the SMART Facelift™ Technique. 

As reported in an article he authored for the Journal of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Summers described how he has secured mid-face cheeklift suture suspension threads (the Suture Suspension Facelift Technique) since 1996.

All of the patients in the SMART Facelift™ Photo Gallery have received a facelift and necklift procedure exclusively by Dr. Adam Summers.  If you see these photos on any other website, please let us know -- Dr. Summers has not given permission for these photos to appear elsewhere.