Facelift News in Baltimore

The threadlift facelift and necklift procedure has been discussed extensively in the media.

The following links and streaming video segments about the thread lift facelift procedure are provided as additional educational resources. After viewing each segment, visit the Threadlift Facelift Forum to discuss any questions or comments you have and to read additional comments about the threadlift facelift posted by patients, other physicians and Dr. Summers.

WUSA-9 TV visited Dr. Summers at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center to learn about the threadlift facelift. This featured story shows 2 patients undergoing the threadlift facelift.

The Today Show featured the threadlift facelift with one patient. She is seen here the day after - showing how effective the threadlift facelift is with no downtime.

The threadlift facelift was featured on Oprah along with other anti-aging treatments. The physician interviewed discusses the threadlift facelift procedure briefly.