Testimonials About Dr. Summers

Dr. Summers Facelift Testimonials

The following testimonials and "thank you" notes are from patients on whom Dr. Summers has operated.  To learn more about Dr. Summers' background and experience, explore the "Meet Dr. Summers" link.

The staff was excellent with assisting me with all questions and concerns. Dr. Summers is very precise in his work. I would recommend him to anyone I know. They are all wonderful. Thank you. Great job!
Joan Faulkner

I am extremely satisfied with my procedure and Dr. Summers and the whole staff. Thank you!
Kelly Rydock

Dr. Summers did a very good job and I am very pleased with my surgery. I feel so good about myself now!

Dr. Summers -- it’s people like you who actually make the world a better place, because you change people’s lives. The results were better than I expected and if I ever want anything else done, you will be my first choice! Thank you very much. Stay sweet :-)
Crystal Conaway

Dear Dr Summers,

I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me…You have given me much more than a facelift. You have given me a spirit lift, a lift for my soul and heart. Is it possible to operate on one’s soul? I feel that you have.

You put in much more that sutures… you have added a lightness, a joi de vivre, and, perhaps more importantly, a thrill of adventure and self-appreciation that years of psychiatric help would fail to accomplish – and all of this flows to my family and friends and those around me.

Critics of plastic surgery fail to take this into consideration. My facelift has given me the freedom to concentrate on others without fear or self-consciousness of my looks (or lack of). As humans, sometimes it’s hard to look past outer beauty to see the beauty inside of all of us…

Thank you for one less worry!
Fran Ferro

Dr. Summers is wonderful... He is the most caring, professional and an absolute expert in his field. He listens and understands. He looks at you like he's working on a piece of art (makes feel special). I have the utmost trust in him as well as his staff.
Katherine W.

All aspects of treatment at the Center are excellent and it is clear that the staff really care about patient satisfaction. The medical and other staff have been extremely responsive to my needs and requests. I highly recommend Dr. Summers and The Maryland Plastic Surgery Medical Spa & Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Dr. Summers is a very special and talented plastic surgeon! After interviewing 3 other surgeons, I chose him because of the care and concern he took with my desires for facial improvement! I also chose him because he seemed extremely knowledgeable and precise, comparable to the facial specialist I also interviewed. Having a revision surgery was scary for me, but I put my faith and trust in him... Dr. Summers has excellent "bedside manner", made me feel comfortable from the moment we met, and proved to me that he truly cares about his patients. Thank you, Dr. Summers and everyone who helped make my surgery experience the best it could be!

Dr. Summers is a meticulous "craftsman." He portrays trust and utmost professionalism; He is thorough in explanations; He cares about the client's comfort/pain/discomfort level, and checks in continuously throughout the procedure. He makes himself fully available following procedure in case there are any questions or problems.
Carol L.

I have recommended Dr. summers to any of my friends considering surgery! I got the results look so natural!
S. Forsythe

My overall experience of plastic surgery was excellent. Dr. Summers made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. His calm demeanor and knowledge set my mind at ease that he would give me the best results possible. Many women get plastic surgery for various reasons and when I explained my reasons to him, he was non-judgmental and caring. I trusted that he was going to be the best doctor for me. I have more self-confidence thanks to him!
Andrea M.

I cant say enough positive things about my experience at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Medical Spa & Cosmetic Surgery Center. I'm very pleased with the outcome of the procedure, and have already provided glowing recommendations to friends. The staff have been pleasant and helpful. Wonderful all the way around!