Dr. Summers on WUSA-9 News

Threadlift Thread Lift News in Washington, DC

The following video features Dr. Adam Summers performing a Threadlift Facelift in one-hour on two patients.  The story was taped at the Maryland Plastic Surgery Center (just 15 minutes from Annapolis, Baltimore and Columbia) in 2006 by WUSA-9 News (Washington, DC).



 Threadlift Facts

     When performed by an experienced surgeon:

  • the results are as durable as a traditional facelift in selected patients (5+ years).
  • the complication rate is lower than any other surgical facial rejuvenation procedure.*
  • "downtime" is less than any other surgical facelift procedure.

*<1% permanent complications

Since the filming of the above video segment, Dr. Summers has continued to make improvements in the threadlift facelift procedure.  For example, the sutures used are now clear (not blue) and the sutures are finer (smaller diameter).  In addition, the way in which the sutures are placed has been modified -- a multi-planar approach (with independent lifting of the fat, muscle and skin) is performed in a patient-specific fashion.

Dr. Summers SMART Facelift™ is substantially different than any other threadlift procedure, providing reliable, long-lasting results.  Although individual results can vary, many of Dr. Summers' patients have enjoyed 5+ years of cheek and jowl lifting after the SMART Facelift™ procedure.