The Procedure
After the After the Threadlift Facelift

After the Threadlift Facelift:

Following the Threadlift facelift procedure, patients can reduce their risk of bruising and swelling if they keep their head elevated, keep cool compresses over the cheeks, and avoid straining or strenuous activities.  To reduce the risk of disengagement or breaking of the Threadlift threads, the face/cheeks should not be pulled down for six weeks.  For example, facial massages are to be avoided and patients should take care when washing their face or shaving not to stretch their cheeks and jowls downward.

About 3-4 weeks after the procedure, your body will grow collagen fibers around the threadlift threads, effectively locking the threadlift sutures into place.  This provides  long-term support and gives you the ability to have the sutures re-tightened in the future as you age.


Ancillary Procedures:

Additional procedures may be performed simultaneously with the Threadlift facelift.  For example, an upper eyelid lift, a lower eyelid lift, structural fat grafting, and neck liposuction may all be performed under local anesthesia in appropriately selected patients.  Incredible results can be obtained by combining fractional laser resurfacing (e.g. Fraxel®) with the threadlift facelift procedure.

In patients desiring additional skin tightening and collagen replenishment, the Thermage, Titan or Accent procedures should be performed either prior to the Threadlift face lift and neck lift procedure or starting about two months after the Threadlift facelift and necklift procedure.